We’re sorry that you want to complain. Here’s how you can do it.

How to make a complaint

The fastest way to resolve your complaint is by logging in to your 35/8 account, and letting us know. Once we receive your complaint, we will try to resolve it as quickly as possible.

You can contact us through the following channels:

  • Chat to us through the customer portal, by logging in and navigating to the “Support” section.
  • Email us: hello@35eight.co.uk
  • Call us: 0330 043 6561
  • Write to us:
    • 35/8
      9 Almond Place
      PH1 3FA

Please ensure you include the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number of the service you are complaining about
  • Address for the service you are complaining about
  • Mobile phone number
  • Description of the problem, and when it started

How we will investigate and resolve your complaint

If you contact us by phone, we will try to resolve your complaint whilst you speak to us.

If you write to or email us we will assign your complaint to a dedicated team member to take charge and investigate. They will get in touch with you within five working days of receiving your complaint. They will review your account history, speak to any other teams involved, and listen to call recordings if required and available.

We aim to resolve complaints within 10 working days. If this is not possible, we’ll tell you.

When we close a complaint

We will close your complaint if:

  • You say you are satisfied.
  • We haven’t received a response for 28 calendar days.
  • We refer you to the Ombudsman, who provide an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme.

If you’re still not happy

If you are not satisfied with the response to your complaint, please let your dedicated team member know outlining what would be a satisfactory outcome. If at any time you are not happy with the team member dealing with your complaint then you can request to escalate your issue to a manager. If the manager is not immediately available they will call you back within two working days. You have the right to take your complaint to the Ombudsman if:

  • We don’t resolve your complaint to your satisfaction within 8 weeks of you first making your complaint
  • You’ve received a notification from us saying that your complaint has reached deadlock

Please note the Ombudsman will not accept a case if one of the conditions above is not met.

The Ombudsman can be contacted at the following address:

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730

Telephone: 0330 440 1614
Textphone: 0330 440 1600
Web: www.ombudsman-services.org